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Conditional sentences

In this English exercise, we will explore the three main types of conditional sentences, commonly known as "if" clauses. These conditionals are essential tools in English that express a condition and its result.

For each sentence in the exercise, choose the correct form to complete the if-clause accurately.

Question 1:
He (to pass) the exam if he had revised the material thoroughly.
Question 2:
If she (to accept) the job offer, she would be working abroad now.
Question 3:
You will know the answer if you (to pay) attention in class.
Question 4:
If you jog every morning, you (to lose) weight.
Question 5:
You will get a discount if you (to use) this coupon.
Question 6:
If you (to practice) your speech, you would have delivered it flawlessly.
Question 7:
If he (to have) a telescope, he would watch the stars every night.
Question 8:
If you (to possess) magical powers, you would change the world.
Question 9:
They would have repaired your car by now if you (to bring) it to the shop last week.
Question 10:
If he owned a bakery, he (to make) pastries every morning.
Question 11:
He would have felt better if he (to take) the medicine.
Question 12:
If we had checked the weather, we (to postpone) the picnic.
Question 13:
If she (to take) her medicine, she will feel better.
Question 14:
If you played the violin, you (to join) the orchestra.
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