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Conditional sentences - Type 3

If-clauses Type 3 are structured with the past perfect tense in the 'if' clause and 'would have' followed by the past participle of the verb in the main clause, as in "If I had known, I would have called." They are used to discuss hypothetical situations in the past, expressing regret, criticism, or speculation about outcomes that could have occurred under different circumstances.

Please complete the blanks in this exercise to form correct Type 3 conditional sentences.

Question 1:
If they (to know) about the detour, they (to take) another route.
Question 2:
If he (to charge) his phone, he (to make) the call.
Question 3:
If they (to study) together, they (to learn) more.
Question 4:
I (to write) a thank-you note if I (to receive) a gift.
Question 5:
If it (to be) sunny, we (to go) to the beach.
Question 6:
If you (to bring) your umbrella, you (to stay) dry.
Question 7:
We (to see) the movie if we (to arrive) earlier.
Question 8:
If he (to save) his money, he (to buy) a new bike.
Question 9:
If you (to ask) me, I (to help) you.
Question 10:
If she (to practice) the piano, she (to perform) better.
Question 11:
He (to pass) the test if he (to study) harder.
Question 12:
You (to find) your keys if you (to look) in your bag.
Question 13:
If we (to leave) on time, we (to catch) the train.
Question 14:
She (to catch) the bus if she (to run) faster.
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