Danish Texts for Beginners

We believe that understanding a written text is essential for learning a language. That is why we offer you numerous texts in Danish with reading comprehension exercises. These texts are online, free, and of different levels that you can read whenever you want.

20 free texts Premium: 30 texts

Each text is accompanied by an audio file that you can use to learn the correct pronunciation of the words.

Also, once you have read the text, you will be able to do exercises and evaluate your reading comprehension in Danish. You can also download the texts in PDF format and print them if you prefer.

Level A1

Level A2

  • Maria og Lisbeths samtale i skoven
    Dinner, chocolate ice cream and movies.
    ? » PDF
  • Maria på pub
    Weekend outing with friends.
    ? » PDF
  • Marias skoleår
    Maria used to love going to school.
    ? » PDF
  • Marias tur til universitetet
    Sometimes she goes by bike, other times by train.
    ? » PDF

Level B1

  • Maria dimitterer
    Maria finished at university.
    ? » PDF
  • Maria har en sød ven
    It looks like Maria's falling in love.
    ? » PDF
  • Marias barndom
    She was a happy, smiley kid.
    ? » PDF
  • Marias forældres hus
    Maria's parents' country cottage.
    ? » PDF
  • Marias yndlingssted i København
    Maria enjoys visiting the History Museum in Copenhagen
    ? » PDF

Level B2

  • ? » PDF
  • Indkøbscentret overfor Marias lejlighed
    It's not great living opposite a shopping center.
    ? » PDF
  • Lasagne er Marias yndlingsret
    Maria makes the world's best lasagna.
    ? » PDF
  • Maria bliver faster
    She cried when she heard the news.
    ? » PDF
  • Maria på skiferie
    She goes skiing every year.
    ? » PDF
  • Maria på sommerferie
    She's built lots of sandcastles.
    ? » PDF
  • Maria på vandretur
    Maria's Danish but goes to Norway regularly.
    ? » PDF
  • Marias kemilærer
    Maria will never forget her chemistry teacher.
    ? » PDF

Level C1

  • Marias morfar
    Maria loves her granddad; he's a lovely man.
    ? » PDF