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  • Listening: Access to all exercises more
  • DictationBETA: Spelling practice with all dictations more
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12.90 USD for 1 year
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Content for Premium Members

204Texts386% more
99Texts890% more
75Dictations1150% more

161Texts293% more
90Texts800% more
50Dictations733% more

72Texts188% more
68Texts580% more
55Dictations817% more

125Texts213% more
66Texts560% more
90Dictations1400% more

65Texts160% more
70Texts600% more
29Dictations383% more

60Texts140% more
30Texts200% more

51Texts113% more
47Texts370% more

63Texts215% more

70Texts250% more

50Texts150% more

70Texts250% more

71Texts294% more

Frequently asked Questions

Why does Lingua Premium exist?

We want to make language learning within everyone's reach. Much of our content is free and will remain so. In order to fund the creation of new content, features and apps, we've opted for a premium model: those who want more content, can get it and at the same time they help to develop a perfect product.

Can I learn more than one language?

Yes. With a Premium account, you have access to all the learning contents for 12 languages and Business English. For example, this means that you can learn French, Spanish, and Italian, but you only have to pay once.

How can I use the Premium content?

By signing up for Premium membership, you get access to all Premium content and features, but not the right to publish this content elsewhere. Publishing our texts on other websites, social networks or learning systems is strictly prohibited.

NEW For teaching purposes, worksheets made available for download in PDF format may be printed out or made available in a closed system for a maximum of 30 students. Sources, links, and copyright information may not be removed from the worksheets. Audio files may be played in classrooms or as part of individual instruction.

For language teachers, we will soon offer further products with additional usage rights.

Is Lingua Premium a language course?

Lingua offers additional materials and helpful features for anyone who wants to learn and improve their language skills. For example, exercises in reading comprehension, listening comprehension or writing dictations and soon for grammar and vocabulary. Probably will eventually develop into a comprehensive language course, but for now we provide a supplement for learners.

Do I need to cancel Premium membership?

No, cancellation is not necessary.

Your Premium membership expires automatically after one year. After expiration, you will no longer have access to Premium content, but you will always have the option to re-subscribe to Premium.