Dictation in GermanBETA

Learning a new language demands practice and reiteration, which are the core ingredients of our German dictation courses. With dictations, you can hone your listening comprehension, spelling and writing skills. What’s more, they allow you to perfect your pronunciation, sentence structure, and other nuances of the German language. Whether you’re a novice or a more advanced student, we offer a wealth of online dictations.

How does it work?

  • Listen to the spoken German text and write what you hear into the text box.
  • The speaker will read each sentence twice. Once at normal speed and then slower for easier writing. You can replay the file to bring your dictation to perfection.
  • When you are satisfied, submit your text.
  • Using our automatic checker, we'll show you how you performed by identifying any mistakes and providing a final evaluation.

Dictations of the Day

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Der Osterhase?start »
Frühlingsnachmittag?start »
Ferien?start »
Mein Geburtstag?start »
Frühlingsblumen?start »

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