Dictation in ItalianBETA

When learning a new language, dictation is a useful tool. It offers an excellent mechanism to practice listening comprehension skills, writing, and spelling all in one. Our Italian dictation course will give you exposure to correct Italian pronunciations, helping to intuitively master standard sentence structure and grammar.

We offer dozens of online dictations in Italian. You won't need a teacher or learning partner to utilize our dictations — our automatic evaluation system will take care of everything and provide you with a seamless learning experience.

How does it work?

  • Listen to the audio file. A native Italian speaker will speak first at normal speed, then slower.
  • Write what you have heard and understood in the text field. Replay the audio file as needed.
  • Once you have finished, submit your text for evaluation by clicking on the button below.
  • Your submission is being automatically checked and corrected. You will see your mistakes and receive your final score and evaluation in moments.

Dictations of the Day

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