Finnish Texts for Beginners

Being able to understand a written text is essential to learn Finnish or any other language. That is why we created this section. Here you will find texts in Finnish with reading comprehension exercises so that you can practice and improve your level of the language. In addition, each text has an audio file that you can listen to while you read it.

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At the end of the reading, you will be able to do exercises to evaluate how much you understood the text and correct any mistakes.

Since all the texts and exercises are online, this allows you to study Finnish wherever and whenever you want. If you prefer, you also have the possibility of downloading the texts in PDF format to be able to print them.

Level A1

Level A2

  • Hansin tavallinen päivä
    In the week, I always wake up at 7am.
    ? » PDF
  • Kirje ystävälle
    I hope you're doing well there in Australia
    ? » PDF
  • Kylässä Lauran luona
    The friends are watching a movie and enjoying themselves.
    ? » PDF
  • Paras ystäväni
    Emma and I have been friends for a long time.
    ? » PDF
  • Ravintolaillallinen
    Dining in a fancy restaurant
    ? » PDF

Level B1

  • HotellissaDIALOGUE
    Teemu is talking to the hotel receptionist.
    ? » PDF
  • Meidän kotimme
    We live on the top floor, but thankfully there's an elevator.
    ? » PDF
  • Minkälainen on paras ystäväni?
    I have lots of friends, but my best friend is Laura.
    ? » PDF
  • Minun harrastukseni
    I like horses and I love riding.
    ? » PDF
  • VaateostoksillaDIALOGUE
    I need to buy some clothes.
    ? » PDF

Level B2

  • Kaunis sää
    Two friends chatting about weather.
    ? » PDF
  • Lääkärissä
    Otto woke up feeling a bit sick and went to the doctor's
    ? » PDF
  • Maryn harrastukset
    Mary likes to try to do some sport on Sundays
    ? » PDF
  • RavintolassaDIALOGUE
    Dinner with friends in a restaurant.
    ? » PDF

Level C1

  • Terveellinen elämäntyyli
    Timo wants to get fitter.
    ? » PDF