Norwegian Texts for Beginners offers a wide variety of texts in Norwegian with reading comprehension exercises, so you can practice whenever and wherever you want. You can read them online or download them in PDF format.

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Each of the texts has exercises to test comprehension. In these exercises you will find questions related to the text that you can use to assess your comprehension, get the result and know where you have made a mistake.

Our texts in Norwegian are accompanied by audio files that you can listen to while you read and learn the correct pronunciation of words.

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Level A1

Level A2

  • Bli bedre kjent med min familie
    Hello, my name is Kari and I'm 17 years old.
    ? » PDF
  • Brev til en venn
    I'll let you know how my days are
    ? » PDF
  • På Rommet Mitt
    Text in Norwegian describing a room.
    ? » PDF
  • Tidlig en morgen
    The whole family gets up early.
    ? » PDF

Level B1

  • Årstidene i Norge
    Norwegians are concerned about the climate.
    ? » PDF
  • En vanlig dag
    I get up at 7:00 every morning
    ? » PDF
  • Familien min
    My name is Tobias and I live with my family.
    ? » PDF
  • Hos legen
    Odin has been sick during the last few days
    ? » PDF
  • Hotellreservasjon
    Making a weekend hotel reservation.
    ? » PDF
  • Mat fra Norge
    These typical Norwegian dishes don't look very appetizing.
    ? » PDF

Level B2

  • Feire jul i Norge
    Christmas customs and traditions in Norway
    ? » PDF
  • På matbutikken
    Doing the shopping for the family dinner
    ? » PDF
  • På skolen
    Apparently, Emma likes going to school.
    ? » PDF
  • Påskefeiring i Norge
    In Norway, Easter is celebrated in different ways.
    ? » PDF

Level C1

  • På fjelltur
    Excursion to the highest mountain in Norway.
    ? » PDF
  • Planer for helgen
    They'll have a dance show this weekend.
    ? » PDF