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Are you ready to begin to learn a foreign language or widen your language skills? If so, then Lingua.com is for you. We offer the tools and resources you need to make learning a language easy and fun.

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Our services will help you build the foundation of a new language or brush up on your skills in a previously acquired language that’s been out of practice. Our targeted, goal-based teaching methodologies provide an engaging, motivating environment. Our services are facilitated by modern technology, offering both at home and access on the go — that’s Lingua!

As part of our teaching philosophy, we believe that language learning should be fun and accessible to everyone. We develop exercises, content, and resources that provide exciting learning opportunities for learners of all needs. Our program will carefully diagnose your learning level and provide materials that help you reach your language learning goals.

Reading and Understanding of Texts

Interpretative skills are the foundation of interacting in the target language. We offer texts and accompanying exercises that will test your reading comprehension and improve your ability to interpret vocabulary and cultural information in context. Exposure to authentic reading materials solidifies vocabulary recognition, provides access to varied sentence structures, and engages learners with intriguing cultural information and anecdotes.

We offer a range of reading materials and text types at varied difficulty levels, including novice, intermediate, and advanced. Our articles, short stories, and dialogues will engage students of English, French, Spanish, German, Portuguese, Italian, Dutch, Czech, Polish and Business English, and they will encourage learners to delve deep into authentic use of these languages in context.

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Learn Vocabulary

Our vocabulary builder tool will teach language learners new vocabulary while reviewing previously instructed words to encourage mastery. Our aims are to learn efficiently. As such, our process establishes a basis of key vocabulary, recognizes words you already know, and targets the words that require repeated use and more practice. Using this method, you will continue to solidify your vocabulary acquisition in the target language.

For learners who prefer to concentrate on specific topics, we empower you to choose one of our previously created, contextualized vocabulary lists in order to build a sophisticated understanding of useful vocabulary for real-life situations.

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