Russian Texts for Beginners

Would you like to learn Russian or improve your understanding of the language? If your answer is yes, you're in the right place. has Russian texts with audio and exercises so that you can practice and improve your reading comprehension of this language.

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Our Russian texts were written by teachers of the language, and are divided into different levels of difficulty and topics. Choose the one that best suits your needs or interests.

The texts are accompanied by audio files so that you can listen to the correct pronunciation of the words and sentences. If you wish, you can also download our Russian readings in PDF format.

Level A1

  • Моя семья
    I come from a large family of six.
    ? » PDF
  • Мой друг
    Andrey and his best friend, Pasha.
    ? » PDF
  • Моя учительница
    Tatiana, my Russian language teacher.
    ? » PDF
  • Свободное времяDIALOGUE
    Activities in our spare time.
    ? » PDF

Level A2

  • ? » PDF
  • Мой обычный день
    An ordinary day in Ira's life.
    ? » PDF
  • Мой распорядок дня
    This is what I do during the week.
    ? » PDF
  • Моя спальня
    My room is small, but I've got everything I need.
    ? » PDF

Level B1

  • Времена года
    Russian text on the seasons of the year.
    ? » PDF
  • Выходные в Санкт-Петербурге
    I'm glad that I've been to Saint Petersburg.
    ? » PDF
  • Город, в котором я живу
    At first I didn't like Moscow, but now I'm loving it.
    ? » PDF
  • Мое утро
    I get up very early at six.
    ? » PDF
  • Мой дом
    Description of all the areas of my house.
    ? » PDF
  • О себе
    It's been a year since we moved into our new apartment.
    ? » PDF

Level B2

  • Мои планы
    These are my goals for the year.
    ? » PDF
  • Первый рабочий день
    Getting to know my new workplace.
    ? » PDF
  • Письмо другу
    We'll be visiting landmarks in Moscow.
    ? » PDF
  • Планы на будущее
    My new life in the capital.
    ? » PDF