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Conditional sentences - Type 2

If-clauses Type 2 are structured with a past simple verb in the 'if' clause and 'would' followed by the base form of the verb in the main clause, as in "If I had a car, I would drive to work." They are used to discuss hypothetical situations in the present or future that are considered unlikely or unreal, allowing the speaker to explore possible outcomes of these imagined scenarios.

In this exercise, fill in the blanks to construct accurate Type 2 conditional sentences.

Question 1:
You (to learn) faster if you (to practice) every day.
Question 2:
If he (to buy) a new camera, he (to take) more photos.
Question 3:
If we (to have) popcorn, we (to watch) a movie.
Question 4:
We (to play) soccer if it (to stop) raining.
Question 5:
He (to paint) his room if he (to choose) a color.
Question 6:
If she (to have) a bike, she (to ride) to school.
Question 7:
If you (to finish) your homework early, you (to watch) TV.
Question 8:
He (to read) more books if he (to buy) a new lamp.
Question 9:
I (to call) my friend if I (to find) my phone.
Question 10:
If they (to learn) English, they (to travel) to the USA.
Question 11:
If I (to know) how to swim, I (to join) the swimming club.
Question 12:
You (to improve) your Spanish if you (to practice) every day.
Question 13:
You (to compete) in chess tournaments if you (to practice) more often.
Question 14:
If I (to know) how to ski, I (to go) to the Alps every winter.
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