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Conditional sentences - Type 1

If-clauses Type 1 are structured with a present simple verb in the 'if' clause and 'will' followed by the base form of the verb in the main clause, as in "If it rains, I will stay indoors."

They are used to discuss real or very likely situations in the present or future, allowing the speaker to express definite plans or predictions based on specific conditions.

Please complete the blanks in this exercise to form correct Type 1 conditional sentences.

Question 1:
If they (to open) a new restaurant in town, we (to try) it out.
Question 2:
If you (to mix) red and blue, you (to get) purple.
Question 3:
We (to start) dinner if they (to arrive) in the next hour.
Question 4:
If you (to look) in the cabinet, you (to find) the sugar.
Question 5:
We (to go) hiking if the weather (to remain) nice.
Question 6:
She (to take) a cooking class if she (to move) to Italy.
Question 7:
If I (to hear) any news, I (to let) you know immediately.
Question 8:
I (to answer) all your questions if you (to send) them to me by email.
Question 9:
If I (to find) your keys, I (to call) you.
Question 10:
You (to need) an umbrella if it (to start) to rain.
Question 11:
If she (to eat) peanuts, she (to have) an allergic reaction.
Question 12:
You (to save) a lot of money if you (to cook) at home instead of eating out.
Question 13:
If it (to rain) tomorrow, we (to cancel) the picnic.
Question 14:
He (to take) another route if the traffic (to be) bad.
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