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Los Angeles

Stephanie recently took a weekend trip to Los Angeles, California. Los Angeles is a coastal city situated along the Pacific Ocean. Many celebrities earned their claim to fame here. Although the town offers many attractions centered around Hollywood culture, there is a lot to see and visit in Los Angeles.

Of course, all things related to Hollywood are popular tourist attractions. The Hollywood Sign, located the Hollywood Hills of the Santa Monica Mountains, is a famous landmark for this star-studded town. Once in downtown Hollywood, it’s possible to take a stroll along the Hollywood Walk of Fame. This landmark contains more than 2500 brass stars dedicated to celebrities who have made a significant impact on the entertainment industry. In Hollywood, visitors can even take tours of popular movie studios. Stephanie had a chance to visit Universal Studios, which produces her favorite films.

Los Angeles is also a popular beach town, offering plenty of opportunities for sunbathing and surfing. A common beach destination is the Santa Monica Pier, which offers rides and attractions to its visitors. Here, Stephanie rode the iconic Ferris wheel, which offered her a spectacular view of the city and coast.

These are just some of the things Stephanie experienced during her visit to Los Angeles. She loved her trip, and she hopes to return someday soon.

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Question 1:
For how long did Stephanie visit Los Angeles?
a An afternoon
b Overnight
c A weekend
d A month
Question 2:
What is not a popular landmark for tourists to visit in Hollywood?
a Universal Studios
b The Walk of Fame
c The Hollywood Sign
d A Ferris wheel
Question 3:
To whom are the brass stars dedicated?
a Film directors
b Actors and actresses
c Musicians
d All of the above
Question 4:
What specifically gave Stephanie a spectacular view of the city and coast?
a The Hollywood Sign
b The Ferris wheel
c Santa Monica Pier
d The skyscrapers
Question 5:
Which of the following does not describe Los Angeles?
a A popular tourist destination
b An entertainment capital
c Stephanie’s hometown
d A coastal city
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