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Going to the Store

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Question 1:
Who is the main character of the passage?
a Sally's husband
b Sally
c the narrator
d No main character
Question 2:
Why is Sally going shopping?
a She needs new clothes for her new job.
b Her husband is dieting and needs healthier food.
c She won a shopping spree through a raffle.
d She has been very busy and they have been running low on food.
Question 3:
Why did Sally write a grocery list?
a She is very forgetful.
b She was in a rush.
c She made it for her husband to go grocery shopping.
d To stick on the fridge for future use.
Question 4:
What did Sally do right before leaving her apartment?
a Get her keys from the office room
b Call her husband
c Glance around the apartment
d She didn't do anything.
Question 5:
Which one of the following snacks was NOT in Sally's pantry?
a Candy bars
b Bags of chips
c Crackers
d Granola bars
Question 6:
Where did Sally find her keys in the office room?
a On her desk
b Hanging on a keyholder
c On a chair
d Near her laptop
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