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Prepositions of Time

With this online exercise you will learn how to use the English prepositions of time.

The prepositions of time "at," "on," and "in" are used to indicate when something happens. "At" is used to refer to a specific time or moment, such as "at 9 o'clock" or "at noon." "On" is used to refer to a specific day or date, such as "on Monday" or "on December 25th." "In" is used to refer to a period of time, such as "in May" or "in 2022."

Question 1:
The concert starts ? 8 p.m. ? Friday.
1 on on
2 on at
3 at on
4 at at
Question 2:
The sun rises ? 6 a.m. ? the summer.
1 at in
2 at on
3 on in
4 in at
Question 3:
She always goes for a run ? 6 am ? the morning.
1 on on
2 in at
3 at in
4 on at
Question 4:
? the winter, it snows a lot ? night.
1 At in
2 On in
3 In at
4 In on