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Much or Many?

Many people confuse the words much or many. These two words are not used interchangeably, usually in sentences that ask a question or state a negative. In short:

The rule

  • You use much with nouns that are singular and not countable. An example is: How much water is in the fish tank?
  • You use many with nouns that are plural and countable. An example is: How many pizzas should I buy?

Now, it is your chance to practice. Complete the following sentences by using either much or many correctly.

Question 1:
? of our energy comes from non-renewable sources.
1 Many
2 Much
Question 2:
I like ? of the food in this restaurant.
1 much
2 many
Question 3:
I don't have ? musical ability.
1 much
2 many
Question 4:
I don't have ? faith in the government.
1 much
2 many