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Irregular Verbs in Simple Past

Irregular verbs are an important aspect of the English language, and mastering their correct forms can greatly improve your communication skills. Some of the most common irregular verbs include "go," "eat," "see," and "do." While their past tense and past participle forms may not follow regular patterns, memorizing them can help you to use them correctly in speech and writing.

Question 1:
He ? to the manager about his concerns.
1 speak
2 spoke
3 speaken
4 speaked
Question 2:
She ? when she saw the spider on the wall.
1 froze
2 frozen
3 frought
4 freezed
Question 3:
We ? our favorite songs at the karaoke bar.
1 sang
2 singed
3 song
4 sung
Question 4:
He ? the ball to his little brother.
1 thrown
2 threw
3 throught
4 throwed