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Irregular Past Participles

In English grammar, irregular past participles and conjugations can cause confusion for language learners. The past participle and conjugation of irregular verbs in the present perfect and past perfect tenses do not follow the standard rules and require memorization.

With these six online exercises, you can practice the most important irregular verb forms or download the worksheets as PDF.

Question 1:
He has ? (to dig) a deep hole in the backyard for the new tree.
1 dog
2 dug
3 dugged
4 digged
Question 2:
She has ? (to hold) onto that memory for years.
1 holden
2 holded
3 held
4 helt
Question 3:
He had ? (to mean) to call her back, but forgot.
1 mean
2 meant
3 meanted
4 meaned
Question 4:
He has ? (to lend) his car to his brother for the weekend.
1 lenten
2 lend
3 lended
4 lent