Spanish Listening Comprehension

Do you want to practice understanding spoken Spanish? Although Spanish is a relatively easy language to learn, foreigners can still struggle to understand native speakers.

10 free texts Premium: 58 texts

We offer 10 exercises to help you practice your Spanish listening comprehension skills. You can use these online resources to learn anytime and anywhere. Since you will study on your own, you don’t need to worry about finding a learning partner.

How to Practice Your Listening Skills in Spanish

  • Choose one of the texts or exercises. We offer a variety of topics and degrees of difficulty.
  • Decide if you want to listen to a speaker from Spain or Latin America. Then, choose a speaker or accent.
  • Press play and listen to the spoken text. Be sure to focus on understanding the content.
  • Answer the comprehension questions. Did you understand everything?

A1 & A2

  • La casa de mis abuelos
    My grandparents' house is huge
    ? »
  • Las vacaciones de verano
    On holiday with my parents
    ? »
  • María y Julia
    I will tell you how I met my friend
    ? »
  • Mi abuela Juliana
    My grandmother is 92 years old
    ? »

Level A2

Level B1

  • La granja de Beatriz
    My friend has a farm with several animals
    ? »
  • Mi casa
    My house is big, I'll describe it to you
    ? »
  • Mi nueva vida en Lima
    A Mexican woman living in Lima
    ? »
  • Mis vacaciones en Barcelona
    My recent trip to Barcelona
    ? »

Level B2

  • Mi familia
    Carmen tells us about her family
    ? »
  • Visita al médico
    I had a stomach ache and had to go to the doctor
    ? »

Level C1