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Prepositions with verbs

As you may have noticed, there are certain verbs that require the use of a specific preposition in most cases, while other verbs depend on the context.

We have prepared relatively simple exercises where the student has to choose the correct preposition from the given options, as well as completion exercises where the student has to decide whether to write the preposition or not. In the latter case, the student should not write anything if the preposition is not required.

Question 1:
? 'inverno nevica
1 D
2 Nell
3 In
4 Di
Question 2:
Insegno inglese ? bambini ? 'età di sei anni.
1 con i dell
2 per i nell
3 dai sull
4 ai dall
Question 3:
Sono nato ? Parigi.
1 a
2 di
3 in
4 da
Question 4:
Andrò ? Spagna ? estate.
1 per per
2 in in
3 in per
4 a all