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Present tense: verbs ending in -ARE

The conjugation of -ARE verbs in the present indicative is one of the first topics introduced in the study of Italian grammar. These exercises will help you understand the basic rules of conjugation through activities that allow you to test your knowledge of -ARE verbs in the present indicative, such as completing sentences or choosing the correct verb form.

Question 1:
Gianni, come ? il volo al prezzo più basso?
1 trove
2 trova
3 trovate
4 trovi
Question 2:
Chi ? da solo al mare?
1 volano
2 vola
3 vole
4 voliamo
Question 3:
Mamma, perché ? sempre le stesse cose?
1 comprate
2 compri
3 compro
4 compra
Question 4:
Tu ? più veloce di me.
1 nuoto
2 nuota
3 nuoti
4 nuotate