German Listening Comprehension

Are your German listening skills good enough to understand a native speaker? Try our online exercises, practice listening comprehension, and test your ability to translate.

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Our voice recordings, paired with comprehension questions, adequately prep you to have smooth conversations in German. Gain confidence and feel ready for your next interaction with a German speaker.

How to Practice Your Listening Skills in German

  • Select a text. There are a variety of topics, with varying levels of difficulty, to choose from.
  • Start the audio file. Make sure to listen closely and concentrate on the content spoken.
  • When finished listening, answer the questions regarding comprehension of the material. Did you understand everything correctly?

Level A1

  • Deutsch lernen
    I like being able to communicate in different languages.
    ? »
  • Grüße aus dem Urlaub
    I'm telling my friend Thomas about my holidays
    ? »

Level A2

  • Bei den Großeltern
    When I don't see them, I miss them a lot.
    ? »
  • Eine lange Reise
    I'm taking the train to visit my grandma.
    ? »
  • Im Einkaufszentrum
    Trying on clothes at the mall
    ? »
  • Im Wald
    A weekend in the woods
    ? »

Level B1

  • Ein Tag im Schwimmbad
    Let's swim for a while and sunbathe.
    ? »
  • Jana geht zum Zahnarzt
    Jana has a hole in her molar.
    ? »

Level B2

  • Das Brandenburger Tor
    One of the most important monuments in Berlin.
    ? »
  • Ein toller Geburtstag
    Tobias is happy with his birthday presents.
    ? »