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The most expensive taco

The most expensive Taco in the world costs more than $25,000. You can buy it at a resort in Mexico. Chefs have special beef from Japan flown in for this food.

They also use a special ingredient called caviar. Fish eggs are used to make caviar. The fish eggs come from a special white fish.

The taco also has a unique cheese made with wild mushrooms and milk. This very expensive taco even has gold in its salsa. The chefs also use the best peppers, alcohol and coffee from Asia to make the salsa.

Chefs sprinkle more gold on the top. Then, they serve it to hungry guests. Diners say this taco is delicious. Many, however, say it is not worth the price. They say that there needs to be more than one taco to make them full. They are glad the restaurant offers more choices.

The cost of the taco does not include a stay at the resort. Guests spending the night must pay $990 to spend a night at the resort

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Please answer the following questions of understanding:

Question 1:
What is not used to make the salsa?
a Alcohol
b Water
c Coffee
d Gold
Question 2:
Where does caviar come from?
a Fish
b Cows
c Chickens
d Pigs
Question 3:
What is another word for chefs?
a Moms
b Cooks
c Bosses
d Owners
Question 4:
What is not true about this taco?
a It contains fish eggs.
b It has gold in it.
c It is made with coffee.
d It is from Japan.
Question 5:
How do the chefs get the beef?
a Cows are killed locally.
b The taco has no beef.
c It arrives by airplane.
d It comes in a truck.
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