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Plants are extraordinary living things. Although they seem simple, they are actually, in some ways, more complicated than us.

For instance, a whole new plant can be grown from just a single leaf. No animal can accomplish that! The way that plants distribute their seeds is amazing too. Plants can shoot seeds from their pods, send them flying on the wind, or grow spines that attach seeds to animals’ fur, spreading new generations everywhere.

Plants are also amazingly adaptable, finding ways to grow even in impossible environments, both hot and cold. Plants manufacture their own food from sunlight, absorb nutrients from the ground, and fool insects into spreading their pollen. Truly, they are some of nature’s finest creations.

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Please answer the following questions of understanding:

Question 1:
Plants are ____, because they can grow in any environment.
a Despicable
b Adaptable
c Easy
d Predictable
Question 2:
A single leaf can ____
a Spread pollen
b Grow into a whole new plant
c Fly on the wind
d Explode
Question 3:
Although plants seem simple, they are really _____
a Complicated
b Concrete
c Impossible
d Feisty
Question 4:
Plants can spread their seeds by_______
a Using insects
b Attaching them to animal’s fur
c Destroying them
d Mailing them
Question 5:
How do plants manufacture their own food?
a From other plants
b From the kitchen
c From sunlight
d From water
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