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Running errands

Martha's Situation

Martha sees bananas are on sale. Bananas are usually 3 dollars per bunch, but they are 1 dollar today. Martha wants 3 bunches of bananas because she is going to make banana bread. This would normally cost Martha 9 dollars, but today it costs Martha 3 dollars. Martha saved 6 dollars.

Martha also needs 2 bags of flour and 2 bags of sugar. Flour costs 3 dollars per 5-pound bag. Sugar costs 4 dollars per 5-pound bag. It costs 6 dollars for the flour and 8 dollars for the sugar. Together, they cost 14 dollars.

In total, Martha spends 3 dollars on 3 bunches of bananas, 6 dollars on 2 bags of flour, and 8 dollars on 2 bags of sugar. Martha pays 17 dollars for 7 items.

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Paul and Sandra's Situation

Paul and Sandra go to a steak restaurant. The steaks are 2 dollars per ounce. A 12-ounce steak is 24 dollars. Paul and Sandra both want a 12-ounce steak. They pay 48 dollars for both steaks. Sandra puts 60 dollars on the table, leaving the 12 dollars in change as a tip for their waiter.

On the way home, they need to get gasoline for Paul’s car. Gas costs 3 dollars a gallon. He needs to get 15 gallons of gasoline. Paul must 45 dollars at the gas station. Paul pays 50 dollars and he gets 5 dollars of change back in change from the cashier.

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Did you understand the text?

Please answer the following questions of understanding:

Question 1:
How much did Martha save on bananas by getting them while they were on sale?
1 six dollars
2 seven dollars
3 nine dollars
4 three dollars
Question 2:
How many items did Martha buy at the supermarket?
1 eight items
2 six items
3 seven items
4 seventeen items
Question 3:
How much was the tip that Sandra left for the waiter?
1 two dollars
2 twelve dollars
3 eight dollars
4 twenty dollars
Question 4:
How many gallons of gasoline did Paul need?
1 fifty gallons of gasoline
2 five gallons of gasoline
3 fourty gallons of gasoline
4 fifteen gallons of gasoline
Please answer all questions about the text:
You have answered 0 of 4 questions.