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My city

My city isn’t a bad city however it’s nothing to get too excited about either. Because it’s a quiet city with very little crime lots of people move here to start families. There are plenty of schools and several parks. There are also quite a number of jobs. People work in both offices and factories.

Having grown up here, I know it well. Too well. I’m ready to move to another place. I want to see other cities and other countries. I think it’s important to learn new things and explore other cultures. I like to spend time with people who have ideas that are different from my ideas. It helps me to see things in a new way.

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Please answer the following questions of understanding:

Question 1:
How do I feel about my city?
a it’s okay
b it’s remarkable
c it’s horrible
d it’s fantastic
Question 2:
Why do I want to move?
a to get married
b to find a job
c my city is getting worse
d to have new experiences
Question 3:
What does my city not lack?
a employment and crime
b crime and families
c families and parks
d roads and tourists
Question 4:
Which statement is true?
a I moved to this city
b I grew up in this city
c I was born in this city
d none of the above
Question 5:
Why do I like to meet new people?
a to hear different ideas
b to learn new languages
c to argue
d to eat new foods
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