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Jean and her family recently traveled to Boston, Massachusetts, one of America’s oldest colonial cities. Boston is rich in history and local personality. During their visit, Jean and her family appreciated learning about Boston’s role during the American Revolution.

In the city, Jean and her family followed the famous Freedom Trail. This is a 2.5-mile route that tourists can explore in order to visit 16 different historical landmarks located throughout the city. Famous sites on this trail include the Paul Revere House, King’s Chapel, and the Bunker Hill Memorial. Jean and her family received a map to navigate the Freedom Trail. The roads were clearly marked by red lines, and there were signs throughout the city to keep Jean’s family and other tourists from getting lost.

As part of the Freedom Trail, Jean and her family spent a lot of time in Boston’s North End. This is one of the oldest residential neighborhoods in the entire country. Here, Jean and her family were able to visit Boston Harbor, which is the site of the historical Boston Tea Party. This event sent a strong message to the British leading up to the American Revolution.

The end of the Freedom Trail led Jean and her Family to the Boston Common, the oldest urban park in the nation. The park is filled with plenty of lush greenery, but it also serves as a burial ground for heroes of the American Revolution.

Because of their walk along the historical Freedom Trail, Jean and her family left Boston with a thorough understanding of early American history.

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Did you understand the text?

Please answer the following questions of understanding:

Question 1:
What period of American history did Jean and her family learn about in Boston?
a The Prohibition Era
b The American Revolution
c The Civil War
d The Great Depression
Question 2:
What route did Jean and her family follow to visit 16 historical sites?
a The Boston Common
b The North End
c Paul Revere Road
d The Freedom Trail
Question 3:
All of the following prevented Jean and her family from getting lost except:
a Following a knowledgeable tour guide
b The clear city signs
c The red markings on the road
d Having access to a map
Question 4:
What important historical event took place in Boston Harbor?
a The Haymarket Riots
b The Revolutionary War
c The Boston Tea Party
d The Boston Common
Question 5:
The Boston Common contains a burial ground for:
a Colonial Boston’s elite families
b Native Americans
c Fallen British soldiers
d Heroes of the American Revolution
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