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English text about a boy's day at school written in simple sentences. This is a useful text for beginning English language learners wanting to become familiar with words about children's everyday experience in elementary school. Check your comprehension skills by answering the questions following the text.

At school

Lucas goes to school every day of the week. He has many subjects to go to each school day: English, art, science, mathematics, gym, and history. His mother packs a big backpack full of books and lunch for Lucas.

His first class is English, and he likes that teacher very much. His English teacher says that he is a good pupil, which Lucas knows means that she thinks he is a good student.

His next class is art. He draws on paper with crayons and pencils and sometimes uses a ruler. Lucas likes art. It is his favorite class.

His third class is science. This class is very hard for Lucas to figure out, but he gets to work with his classmates a lot, which he likes to do. His friend, Kyle, works with Lucas in science class, and they have fun.

Then Lucas gets his break for lunch. He sits with Kyle while he eats. The principal, or the headmaster as some call him, likes to walk around and talk to students during lunch to check that they are all behaving.

The next class is mathematics, which most of the students just call math. Kyle has trouble getting a good grade in mathematics, but the teacher is very nice and helpful.

His fourth class is gym. It is just exercising.

History is his last class of the day. Lucas has a hard time staying awake. Many lessons are boring, and he is very tired after doing gym.

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Did you understand the text?

Please answer the following questions of understanding:

Question 1:
What is the class that is Lucas’ teacher tells him he is a good pupil?
a Science
b Gym
c Art
d English
Question 2:
What class that Lucas goes to is all about exercising?
a Gym
b Art
c Science
d History
Question 3:
What is the one where Lucas draws on paper with pencils and crayons and sometimes uses a ruler?
a Science
b Art
c Mathematics
d History
Question 4:
Who is the person that check on the students during lunch to make sure that all the students are well behaved?
a Teacher
b Principal/Headmaster
c Classmate
d Friend
Please answer all questions about the text:
You have answered 0 of 4 questions.