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Henry Ford – Lean Manufacturing

Henry Ford hated waste. His ambition was to produce the most efficient production line for making his Model T cars. He thought about the process flow; beginning with raw materials and finishing with a happy customer driving a new car.

In Michigan, USA in 1913, Henry Ford created a moving, assembly line to produce cars. Every worker had a different job and the cars moved through the factory past each workstation. Mr. Ford had an office on the second floor so he could watch the whole line. If he saw that a part of the line was too slow or workers had to move too quickly, he would change the system until it was more efficient.

His techniques included standardisation, paying good wages and reducing waste. Henry Ford is considered the “Father of Lean Manufacturing”.

Toyota is the largest car manufacturer in the world today, and the Toyota Production System (TPS) is based on the original ideas of Henry Ford.

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Please answer the following questions of understanding:

Question 1:
What did Henry Ford hate?
a Toyota
b Production
c Waste
d Cars
Question 2:
What type of car did Henry make?
a Model T
b Volkswagen Beetle
c Model A
d Toyota Yaris
Question 3:
Who is the largest car manufacturer today?
b Toyota
c Ford
d Volkswagen
Question 4:
Where was the first Ford Assembly Line?
a London
b Michigan
c Tokyo
d New York
Question 5:
What was the last step in Henry Ford’s process?
a Raw materials
b A workstation
c His office
d A happy customer
Question 6:
What did Henry Ford do?
a Pay his workers poorly
b Invent an efficient manufacturing system
c Make Toyota cars
d Offer a large range of different cars
Question 7:
Where was Henry Ford’s office?
a In his car
b At a workstation
c In New York
d On the second floor
Question 8:
Why is Henry Ford considered the father of Lean Manufacturing?
a He was kind to his workers
b He created an efficient system
c He had children
d He created Toyota
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