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A or en

A and en are two prepositions in Spanish that can also cause confusion for language learners.

A is often used to indicate movement or direction towards a specific location or person. It can also indicate the recipient of an action or the point in time when an action will occur.

En, on the other hand, is often used to indicate location or position within a space or time. It can also indicate the manner in which something is done or the material something is made of.

Question 1:
Tienes que girar ? la izquierda.
1 a
2 en
Question 2:
Me gusta mirar el cielo ? atardecer.
1 en
2 al (=a+el)
Question 3:
Mi Juan amigo vive ? Berlín.
1 en
2 a
Question 4:
Voy a viajar ? Berlín a visitar a Juan.
1 en
2 a