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The House

Mr. and Mrs. Smith have one son and one daughter. The son's name is John. The daughter's name is Sarah.

The Smiths live in a house. They have a living room. They watch TV in the living room. The father cooks food in the kitchen. They eat in the dining room. The house has two bedrooms. They sleep in the bedrooms. They keep their clothes in the closet. There is one bathroom. They brush their teeth in the bathroom.

The house has a garden. John and Sarah play in the garden. They have a dog. John and Sarah like to play with the dog.

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Questão 1:
How many children do Mr. and Mrs. Smith have?
a One son
b One daughter
c No children
d One son and one daughter
Questão 2:
Who cooks in the kitchen?
a John
b Sarah
c Father
d Mother
Questão 3:
Where does the family eat?
a Kitchen
b Living room
c Bedroom
d Dining room
Questão 4:
How many bedrooms are in the house?
a Two
b Four
c Three
d One
Questão 5:
What do John and Sarah do in the garden?
a Sleep
b Cook
c Play
d Brush their teeth
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