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The Golden Gate Bridge

Some of the most important landmarks in the United States include feats of architecture and modern engineering. San Francisco, California, is a beautiful city on its own, but it is also home to The Golden Gate Bridge, a 1.7 mile suspension bridge connecting the San Francisco Peninsula to the Marin Headlands. The bridge holds the title of one of the Wonders of the Modern World according to the American Society of Civil Engineers.

One of the most popular ways to appreciate the bridge is to take an excursion to the Golden Gate National Recreation Area just outside of San Francisco. The park contains hiking trails, great spots for picnicking, and offers some of the best vantage points for panoramic photographs of the bridge leading into the city.

David recently had some friends visit him in San Francisco, and he made sure to include a visit to the recreation area as part of their tour. They enjoyed walking through the trails, observing some of the native wildlife, and even having a casual picnic in the park. David’s friends were thankful that he guided them through this impressive area of California. They made sure to take a group photograph with the Golden Gate Bridge in the background. David’s friends had the picture framed, and they later presented it to David in order to thank him for his hospitality during their stay.

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Questão 1:
What two places does the Golden Gate Bridge connect?
a San Francisco and the Golden Gate National Recreation Area
b San Francisco and the Marin Headlands
c San Francisco and Alcatraz Island
d San Francisco and Sacramento
Questão 2:
San Francisco is situated upon what kind of land mass?
a An isthmus
b An island
c A peninsula
d A valley
Questão 3:
What group of professionals named the bridge a Wonder of the Modern World?
a politicians
b ecologists
c architects
d engineers
Questão 4:
Where is the best place for visitors to enjoy views of the bridge?
a A boat tour through San Francisco Bay
b Golden Gate National Recreation Area
c Alcatraz Island
d Downtown San Francisco
Questão 5:
How did David’s friends thank him for his hospitality?
a They invited him to visit them in New York.
b They gave him a framed photo from their trip.
c They bought him dinner at the end of the day.
d They treated him to a picnic in the park.
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