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Preparing food

Jack was hungry. He walked to the kitchen. He got out some eggs. He took out some oil. He placed a skillet on the stove. Next, he turned on the heat. He poured the oil into the skillet. He cracked the eggs into a bowl. He stirred the eggs. Then, he poured them into the hot skillet. He waited while the eggs cooked. They cooked for two minutes. He heard them cooking. They popped in the oil.

Next, Jack put the eggs on a plate. He placed the plate on the dining room table. Jack loved looking at his eggs. They looked pretty on the white plate. He sat down in the large wooden chair. He thought about the day ahead. He ate the eggs with a spoon. They were good.

He washed the plate with dishwashing soap. Then, he washed the pan. He got a sponge damp. Finally, he wiped down the table. Next, Jack watched TV.

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pytanie 1:
What food was cooked?
a Rice
b Eggs
c Fish
d Pork
pytanie 2:
Where did Jack eat the eggs?
a In his room
b In the kitchen
c In front of the TV
d At the dining room table
pytanie 3:
How long did the eggs cook?
a 2 minutes
b 3 minutes
c 10 minutes
d 5 minutes
pytanie 4:
What was the chair made of?
a Wood
b Metal
c We do not know
d Stone
pytanie 5:
Jack cooked in a skillet. What is another word for skillet?
a Microwave
b Slow cooker
c Pan
d Oven
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