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Going to work in the morning

My job is a long distance from my home, almost 50 miles away. I have to wake up early every morning, as I’m always in a rush. There’s never enough time for a relaxed breakfast. At exactly 6:00 AM, I get into my car and start the long drive.

I usually like driving on the highway more than in the city. During the morning rush hour, though, it’s not very enjoyable. The heavy traffic is a little bit annoying. So I always listen to my favorite classical music CD’s in the car – Chopin, Mozart, and Bach. That cheers me up a lot.

The drive to work takes about one hour. Going back home in the evening after work takes even longer, maybe around 70 minutes. Lately I’ve been thinking about trying to take the train to work instead of driving. That way, I could still listen to my music with headphones, and even read a novel at the same time.

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pytanie 1:
When does he wake up every morning?
a Early in the morning
b Late in the morning
c After the morning rush hour
d At exactly 6:00 AM
pytanie 2:
How is driving during the morning rush hour?
a Not very enjoyable
b It’s classical
c It’s relaxing
d Not as much fun as walking
pytanie 3:
Which kind of music CD’s does he enjoy listening to in the car?
a Jazz
b Classical
c Disco
d Heavy metal
pytanie 4:
How long might the evening drive back home take?
a 70 kilometers
b Less than the drive in the morning
c Around 70 minutes
d 50 minutes
pytanie 5:
What else does he think he could even do if he took a train to work?
a Write a book
b Do crossword puzzles
c Sing songs
d Read a novel
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