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Plural der Nomen

Mit dieser Übung üben Sie die Bildung regelmäßiger und unregelmäßiger Pluralformen englischer Substantive. Am Ende dieser Übung werden Sie ein besseres Verständnis dafür haben, wie sich englische Nomen vom Singular in den Plural ändern können.

Aufgabe 1:
The salad was topped with sliced (tomato) and drizzled with olive oil.
Aufgabe 2:
The park was filled with tall (tree) that provided shade on a hot day.
Aufgabe 3:
The shelter had dozens of adorable (cat) looking for their forever homes.
Aufgabe 4:
They made three (wish) on the birthday candles and blew them out.
Aufgabe 5:
The (wife) of the soldiers sent care packages to their husbands.
Aufgabe 6:
The street was lined with beautiful (house).
Aufgabe 7:
I always lose my (key), so I keep a spare set in my desk at work.
Aufgabe 8:
The dentist told me I need to floss my (tooth) more often.
Aufgabe 9:
They gathered around the large (table) to celebrate the holidays.
Aufgabe 10:
The zoo had a large exhibit of playful (monkey) swinging from tree branches.
Aufgabe 11:
The (company) in this industry are constantly competing for market share.
Aufgabe 12:
The child played with a variety of colorful (toy) in the playroom.
Aufgabe 13:
We went on a road trip and visited three different states in three (day).
Aufgabe 14:
She made scrambled (egg) and toast for breakfast.
Aufgabe 15:
The United States is one of the most diverse (country) in the world.
Aufgabe 16:
The bustling (city) of New York and Tokyo are both exciting and overwhelming.
Aufgabe 17:
The autumn wind blew the (leaf) off the trees.
Aufgabe 18:
The group of tourists rode (donkey) to the top of the mountain.
Aufgabe 19:
The sound of the crashing (wave) was calming and soothing to her.
Aufgabe 20:
The delivery man carried multiple (box) up the stairs to the apartment.
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