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The city where I live

My name is Clark, and I will tell you about my city.

I live in an apartment. In my city, there is a post office where people mail letters. On Monday, I go to work. I work at the post office. Everyone shops for food at the grocery store. They also eat at the restaurant. The restaurant serves pizza and ice cream.

My friends and I go to the park. We like to play soccer at the park. On Fridays, we go to the cinema to see a movie. Children don't go to school on the weekend. Each day, people go to the hospital when they are sick. The doctors and nurses take care of them. The police keep everyone safe. I am happy to live in my city.

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Esercizio di comprensione del testo:

Domanda 1:
Where does Clark work?
a in the post office
b in the cinema
c in an apartment
d in the grocery store
Domanda 2:
Where do people buy food?
a in the grocery store
b in the cinema
c in the park
d in the hospital
Domanda 3:
When does Clark go to the cinema?
a Friday
b Monday
c The weekend
d Each day
Domanda 4:
Who keeps everyone safe?
a The children
b The doctors
c The police
d The nurses
Domanda 5:
How does Clark feel about his city?
a Happy
b Sick
c Angry
d Sad
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