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My family at home

My family lives in a small house. It’s simple but pretty. It has a large garden. I like to work in the garden but my sister hates to work in the garden. She prefers to read. She reads in the morning, in the afternoon and at night.

I give all of the vegetables to mom and dad. They like to cook in our small kitchen. I eat any vegetable but my sister eats only a few.

My family always eats breakfast and dinner together. We talk. We laugh. Then my sister washes the dishes.

At night dad likes to listen to music. Mom works on the computer. I watch television. And my sister reads.

Soon we go to bed. My parents go to bed late but my sister and I go to bed early. I’m ready to go to sleep but my sister wants to keep reading.

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Frage 1:
Which is another way to describe the family’s house?
a cramped but cozy
b narrow but suitable
c little but attractive
d old but cheery
Frage 2:
The family has how many members?
a two
b three
c four
d five
Frage 3:
Who doesn’t enjoy working in the garden?
a grandmother
b cousin
c father
d sister
Frage 4:
When does the sister like to read?
a at night
b in the afternoon
c in the morning
d all of the above
Frage 5:
When do the family members not eat together?
a at dinner
b at lunch
c at breakfast
d all of the above
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