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My day

First, I wake up. Then, I get dressed. I walk to school. I do not ride a bike. I do not ride the bus. I like to go to school. It rains. I do not like rain. I eat lunch. I eat a sandwich and an apple.

I play outside. I like to play. I read a book. I like to read books. I walk home. I do not like walking home. My mother cooks soup for dinner. The soup is hot. Then, I go to bed. I do not like to go to bed.

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Frage 1:
What happens first?
a Walk to school
b Wake up
c Get dressed
d Eat lunch
Frage 2:
What do I like?
a Books
b Rain
c Going to bed
d Walking home
Frage 3:
How do I go to school?
a I ride the bus.
b I drive a car.
c I walk.
d I ride a bike.
Frage 4:
What do I eat for dinner?
a Pie
b Soup
c Sandwich
d Apple
Frage 5:
What do I not like?
a Playing
b Going to bed
c Soup
d Going to school
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