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Marge Goes to the Supermarket


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Question 1:
What sport does Marge's son play?
a Baseball
b Lacrosse
c Soccer
d Tennis
Question 2:
Which item is Marge not planning to cook?
a Chicken
b Beans
c Corn
d Rice
Question 3:
What time does the supermarket close?
a 6:00 PM
b 9:00 PM
c 8:00 PM
d 7:00 PM
Question 4:
What is the name of John's brother?
a Robert
b Alan
c Timothy
d Alex
Question 5:
Which time is Mary's tutoring appointment?
a 6:00 PM
b 1:00 PM
c 5:00 PM
d 4:00 PM
Question 6:
How many children does Marge have?
a 4
b 3
c 2
d 1
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