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I Love My Family


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Question 1:
Where does the writer live?
a In an apartment
b On a boat
c On a ranch
d In a house
Question 2:
How many members of the family are there?
a One
b Two
c Six
d Seven
Question 3:
How is the grandfather related to the writer's mother?
a He is her husband
b He is her father
c He is her brother
d He is her child
Question 4:
Where did the grandfather work?
a On a ranch
b At a hotel
c In a factory
d In a store
Question 5:
What does the writer's family like to do?
a Watch movies
b Go to the park
c Listen to grandfather
d Play games
Question 6:
What stories does grandfather tell?
a Stories about where he grew up
b Stories about his grandchildren
c Stories about work
d Stories about the neighborhood
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