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My morning routine

My name is Bob. Each day I drive my kids to school. My daughter goes to a school that’s far from our house. It takes 30 minutes to get there. Then I drive my son to his school. It’s close to my job. My daughter is in the sixth grade and my son is in the second. They are both good students. My daughter usually sings her favorite songs while I drive. My son usually sleeps.

I arrive at the office at 8:30 AM. I say good morning to all my workmates then I get a big cup of hot coffee. I turn on my computer and read my email. Some days I have a lot to read. Soon I need another cup of coffee.

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Pregunta 1:
Which two places are near each other?
a home and daughter’s school
b daughter’s school and office
c home and office
d son’s school and office
Pregunta 2:
Which child is older?
a daughter
b same age
c not sure
d son
Pregunta 3:
What happens in the car each morning?
a son sleeps and daughter sings
b daughter reads and son sleeps
c father and daughter tell jokes
d son and daughter talk
Pregunta 4:
What happens at the office?
a Bob gives all his workmates a big cup of hot coffee
b workmates give Bob a big cup of hot coffee
c Bob gets a big cup of hot coffee
d all of the above
Pregunta 5:
When does Bob get his second cup of coffee?
a before reading his email
b after reading his email
c before greeting his coworkers
d after driving the children home
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