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Ship Blocks Suez Canal

On March 23, 2021, a ship travelling through the Suez Canal became jammed diagonally across the canal. The 400m long ship, called the Ever Given, was caught unexpectedly by high winds and got stuck in sand at the edge of the canal.

It took 6 days to rescue the Japanese-owned ship. Dredgers and excavators were used to move thousands of cubic meters of sand, and 14 tugboats were used to move the ship.

The canal was closed for 6 days and at least 369 vessels were left waiting to transit the 193km canal. This represented tens of billions of dollars in global trade. Oil prices rose as ships transporting oil were delayed.

Many other ships decided to take the longer route around the Cape of Good Hope. This diversion adds 9000km to their journey, takes 7-10 days longer and costs a lot more in fuel.

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vraag 1:
What was the name of the ship that was stuck?
a Suez Canal
b Japanese-owned
c Good Hope
d Ever Given
vraag 2:
How long was the ship stuck for?
a 14 days
b 6 days
c 369 days
d 7-10 days
vraag 3:
How long is the Suez Canal?
a 9000 km
b 193 km
c 369 km
d 400 m
vraag 4:
Which of these statements about the ship is NOT true?
a It is owned by a Japanese company
b It is called Good Hope
c It was stuck for 6 days in the Suez Canal
d It is 400m long
vraag 5:
What happened as a result of the canal being closed?
a Oil prices dropped
b Oil prices rose
c All ships travelled via the Cape of Good Hope
d Money was saved
vraag 6:
What was NOT used to rescue the ship?
a Excavators
b Aeroplanes
c Dredgers
d 14 tugboats
vraag 7:
What did the Excavators and Dredgers move?
a Tens of billions of dollars in global trade
b Oil
c Thousands of cubic meters of sand
d Ships
vraag 8:
If a ship goes around the Cape of Good Hope instead, which of these statements is NOT true:
a It will take 7-10 days longer
b It is quicker
c It costs more for fuel
d They will travel 9000km further
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