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Applying for jobs

Henry graduated from college with a degree in Elementary Education, and began searching for jobs. While doing an internship previously as a university student, he discovered his greatest strength and interest was teaching children in a regular classroom setting. He also had previous volunteer experience as a camp and youth counselor.

He therefore decided to focus his job hunt on elementary schools in his state. First, he prepared and printed a neat and comprehensive CV, highlighting his educational background, work and volunteer experiences. He then added a section pointing out his other skills in such areas as foreign languages and computer programming. Finally, he added a segment about his interests, and listed some personal references.

Once the CV was ready, Henry checked for job openings daily. Much of his search was done on the internet, researching elementary schools in the area - there were none in his hometown, which was just a tiny village. He also chatted with people and asked his acquaintances about any job openings, as he’d heard that this kind of “networking” was important. He also checked internet job boards.

After a few weeks, Henry discovered a possible job vacancy at a school about 15 miles from his home. He wrote a nice cover letter, outlining his background and expressing his interest in the job. Then he attached his CV, and mailed the application. One week later, the school called him – they asked him to come in for an interview!

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vraag 1:
Henry's college degree was in...
a Elementary Education
b Career Counseling
c Internships
d Computer Programming
vraag 2:
For his job search, Henry prepared a comprehensive...
a CV
b CD
c Skill
d DC
vraag 3:
One of Henry's other skills was...
a Mailing letters
b Personal references
c Text messaging
d Foreign languages
vraag 4:
Henry also checked for job postings on the...
a Cover letter
b Internet job boards
c Sports page
d Radio
vraag 5:
Henry discovered a possible job vacancy...
a at a nearby camp
b about 15 miles from his home
c overseas
d before doing an internship
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