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Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day (or Saint Valentine's Day) is a holiday that, in the United States, takes place on February 14, and technically signifies the accomplishments of St. Valentine, a third-century Roman saint.

With that said, most Americans, instead of honoring St. Valentine through religious ceremony, enjoy the holiday by engaging in "romantic" behavior with their significant other or someone who they wish to be their significant other; gifts, special dinners, and other acknowledgements of affection comprise most individuals' Valentine's Day celebrations.

Chocolates and flowers are commonly given as gifts during Valentine's Day, as are accompanying greeting cards (greeting card companies release new Valentine's Day designs annually). Red and pink are generally understood to be "the colors" of Valentine's Day, and many individuals, instead of celebrating romantically, spend the holiday with their friends and/or family members.

Variations of Valentine's Day are celebrated across the globe throughout the year. In America, the holiday, although acknowledged by the vast majority of the population, isn't federally recognized; no time off work is granted for Valentine's Day.

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vraag 1:
When does Valentine's Day take place in the United States?
a February 1
b February 14
c Throughout February
d A and B
vraag 2:
What does Valentine's Day technically signify?
a The accomplishments of St. Valentine
b Love throughout the ages
c The fun of gifts
d None of the above
vraag 3:
Which of the following gifts are commonly given on Valentine's Day?
a Chocolates
b Flowers
c Greeting cards
d All of the Above
vraag 4:
Besides in the US, where is Valentine's Day celebrated?
a In Europe and South America
b In Oceania and Western Europe
c Across the globe
d In the United Kingdom
vraag 5:
Which colors are generally understood to represent Valentine's Day?
a Red
b Green
c Pink
d A and C
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