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Our Vacation

Every year we go to Florida. We like to go to the beach.

My favorite beach is called Emerson Beach. It is very long, with soft sand and palm trees. It is very beautiful. I like to make sandcastles and watch the sailboats go by. Sometimes there are dolphins and whales in the water!

Every morning we look for shells in the sand. I found fifteen big shells last year. I put them in a special place in my room. This year I want to learn to surf. It is hard to surf, but so much fun! My sister is a good surfer. She says that she can teach me. I hope I can do it!

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Question 1:
My favorite beach is...
a Emerson Beach
b Long Beach
c Surf Beach
d Palm Beach
Question 2:
What animals do I see in the water?
a Starfish
b Sharks
c Dolphins
d Dogs
Question 3:
How many shells did I find last year?
a Fifty
b Twelve
c Five
d Fifteen
Question 4:
What do I want to learn this year?
a Sailing
b Swimming
c How to find shells
d Surfing
Question 5:
Where did I put my shells last year?
a In the garage
b In Florida
c In a box
d In my room
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