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San Francisco

In June, Diane visited her friends who live in San Francisco, California. This was Diane’s first time in the city, and she enjoyed her opportunities to walk around and explore.

On the first day of her trip, Diane visited the Golden Gate Bridge. This red suspension bridge measures 1.7 miles in length. Diane and her friends did not walk across the bridge. However, they viewed it from the Golden Gate National Recreation Area, which offers hiking trails, picnicking areas, and presents spectacular views of the bridge and city. Diane and her friends made sure to take a group photograph here, featuring the bridge in the background.

The next day, Diane and her friends visited Alcatraz Island. This island is located 1.25 miles offshore in the San Francisco Bay. It used to serve as a lighthouse, military fort, and prison. Diane and her friends took a small tour boat across bay to reach the island. Their visit included a guided tour through the old military base and prison. They also took a walk around the island to appreciate some of the native wildlife in addition to the views of the city.

Diane and her friends spent the final day of her vist in San Francisco’s downtown area. Diane’s favorite part of her entire trip was taking a trolley to transport her up and down the hilly streets of San Francisco. Diane did a lot of shopping downtown on her last day. She and her friends celebrated the end of her visit by having dinner at one of San Francisco’s best restaurants.

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Question 1:
What was the purpose of Diane’s visit to San Francisco, California?
a She was visiting for a job interview.
b She wanted to tour the city.
c She wanted to see its famous bridge.
d She was visiting friends who lived there.
Question 2:
Visitors can do all of the following at the Golden Gate National Recreation Area except for:
a Ride the trolleys
b Have a picnic
c Hike the trails
d Take photographs
Question 3:
Where did Diane and her friends go on the second day of her visit?
a The Golden Gate Bridge
b Alcatraz Island
c Downtown San Francisco
d The Golden Gate National Recreation Area
Question 4:
How did Diane and her friends arrive to Alcatraz Island?
a By trolley
b By car
c By boat
d By foot
Question 5:
What was Diane’s favorite part about her trip to San Francisco?
a Her final dinner with her friends
b Her tour of Alcatraz Island
c Her visit to the Golden Gate Bridge
d Her trolley rides in the downtown area
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