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How to learn a Language


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Question 1:
All the following are right about learning a language, except?
a It can be difficult
b It is an impossible task
c You can make it fun
d It can be easy
Question 2:
How should you set your learning goals?
a In small, manageable chunk
b You do not need to have goals.
c As vague aims
d As huge, overwhelming aspirations you wish to achieve
Question 3:
What is an example of a good learning goal?
a Purposing to learn all cooking vocabulary in an hour
b Aiming to know all the different tenses in a year
c Purposing to learn all traveling vocabulary in a week
d Aiming to be fluent in the language in a week
Question 4:
What will help you memorize things better according to the passage?
a Highlighting things as you read them
b Flashcards
c Underlining important phrases
d Using your imagination
Question 5:
How often should you practice the new language?
a Every day
b Twice a week
c Once a month
d Whenever you feel like it
Question 6:
Which of these is not a learning tip according to the passage?
a Use flashcards to boost your memory
b Have manageable learning goals
c Invest in expensive learning materials
d Practice daily
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