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Fall is my favorite Season


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Question 1:
Why do some people love winter?
a They like to ski
b They like the holidays
c They like the cold
d They like sun
Question 2:
What happens to the weather in fall?
a It rains
b It becomes cool
c It snows a lot
d Its sunny and warm all the time
Question 3:
What happens to leaves in the fall?
a They fall from the trees
b They begin to sprout
c They turn brown
d They disappear
Question 4:
Who burns wood in the fall?
a The writer
b The writer's neighbors
c The writer's family
d The writer's friends
Question 5:
What does the smell of smoke mean?
a It is starting to rain
b Everything is green
c The leaves are turning colors
d Winter is coming soon
Question 6:
What should people do in fall?
a Wait for winter
b Pick leaves
c Go outside
d Take pleasure in every moment
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