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Bonnie and Clyde


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Question 1:
In which years were Bonnie and Clyde famous?
a The early 1700’s
b The mid-1800’s
c The early 1900’s
d The mid-1900’s
Question 2:
In which country was the couple famous?
a Canada
b Germany
c The United States of America
d China
Question 3:
Why was the couple famous in the country?
a Their brutal robberies
b Their youth
c Their good looks
d The fact that Bonnie, a woman, performed brutal crimes
Question 4:
In which year was the couple apprehended?
a 1774
b 1934
c 1882
d 1995
Question 5:
When was the couple ambushed?
a As they were traveling to visit a friend
b As they were having lunch at a restaurant
c They were hiding in the forest
d On their way home
Question 6:
What did the officers do upon catching the criminals?
a They took them to the station
b They shot them dead
c They let them go
d They did not catch the criminals
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