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Setting up a meeting

As many quick-learning students of business know (perhaps from reading one of our previous lessons!), business phone calls are great for developing professional relationships and making agreements, for a number of different reasons. With that said, when a lot of time, money, and respect are on the line, it’s not unusual for two or more individuals to meet and discuss a matter of significance face-to-face.

Face-to-face meetings have been important parts of the business process for years, and all signs indicate that they will remain so for many years to come. However, arranging a face-to-face meeting is a process most often completed through a business phone call; thus, it’s imperative that this call be as precise as possible.

Consider the following business phone call example, wherein the caller sets up a face-to-face meeting:

Lotner: Hello, Jack? It’s Jared. I had a chance to review the information you emailed, and I’m very impressed.

Tempt: That’s great to hear, Jared! I was hopeful that you’d be satisfied.

Lotner: Well, I certainly am, and if possible, I’d like to meet you in-person to discuss some questions I had.

Tempt: That’s definitely possible; when were you thinking, for the meeting?

Lotner: I’m a bit busy the rest of this week…Would next Tuesday around noon work?

Tempt: Let’s see…Yes, I’m all free next Tuesday at noon.

Lotner: Excellent! Would you like to meet at my office? I can also come to yours, if you’d like.

Tempt: Your office works for me.

Lotner: Fantastic! I’ll see you then.

Tempt: I’m looking forward to it.

This typical example might seem insignificant, but it could once again mark the start of a massive, mutually beneficial partnership. In the “real world,” arranging a meeting might be slightly more difficult, because of each businessperson’s busy schedule, but if one remains professional and courteous, the process should be successful.

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anglais des affaires
anglais des affaires

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S'il te plaît, réponds aux questions de compréhension :

Question 1:
What is a face-to-face meeting, in the business world?
a A beneficial business conference between two or more professionals to discuss a matter of significance
b A video conference
c A multi-person phone conversation
d None of the above
Question 2:
How are face-to-face meetings typically set up?
a Through a text message
b Through a phone call
c Through an email
d Through a letter
Question 3:
How should issues with scheduling a face-to-face meeting be solved?
a Respectfully, and with an understanding of the other party’s busyness
b Rudely, to force the other party’s hand
c Loudly, to fix the issue as quickly as possible
d Angrily, to intimidate the other party
Question 4:
Which of the following is a potential benefit of a face-to-face meeting?
a A fun time that takes all involved individuals’ minds off of work
b The development of a profitable and mutually beneficial arrangement
c Face-to-face meetings have no benefits
d Having an opportunity to tell funny jokes
Question 5:
What should one do if an attempt to arrange a face-to-face meeting is unsuccessful?
a Call back and try again immediately
b Contact the other party’s supervisor and explain the situation
c Ignore the other party forever
d Try to arrange the meeting at a later and more convenient time
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